Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hari Kesebelas : Lima Fakta tentang Diri Sendiri.

Ini tuan punya blog. Sungguh tak malu self-promote diri sendiri . Mak siapa ni tak malu upload gambar feeling -feeling !  I wonder where Ayra got her posing skills

Okay mari sambung dengan blogging challenge. Entry hari ini agak narcissistic sikit sebab membebel pasal diri sendiri macam orang gila. Well I have to finish the challenge right? :P whee.  

1) I'am unbelievable short, which is kind of problematic as I must always watch my weight because when I gain even a teensy weensy amount. It will show! 

2) I'am so stubborn and outspoken about matters that matter to me its amazing that my family and friends still like me. I tell it like it is no sugarcoating or glazing over anything. You either like me or you don't and frankly I don't give a rat's ass. 

3) I have an unhealthy obsession over shoes and bags. I can sit and stare at a shop window for hours looking at the stitching, the details, the colour, the size and the finish. If I dare to venture inside a shop, I will patiently and lovingly go to every single bag, inspect it, feel the material and imagine outfits built around it. The same goes for shoes. And yes I have committed the sin of walking in a shop trying on a few pairs and walking out. The salespeople hate me but please refer to point 2. And everyday I pick out a bag or a shoe first before anything else :P

4) I love decorating and painting right now I'am in the midst of DIY-ing my own bookcase! Sadly I don't have much time to spare for this hobby. As a teenager I moved furniture and rearranged everything in my room at least once a month.

5) My loyalty ( I don't know if this is a curse of a blessing) knows no bounds. When I love or like something I can safely assure you that it is FOREVER. That is why I have trouble embracing new situations new surroundings and new people. This point can also apply to why I find it extremely hard to leave my job no matter how difficult it gets just because I love the adrenaline rush of writing for a paper, the rush of seeing the article in print. My crazy weird interesting and funny journo buddies. See am gushing like a school girl in love! SIGH. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hari Kesepuluh : Bincangkan perhubungan anda. :P

Oh my god. Okay. I'am only continuing with the 30 day blog challenge 2 months after I started it. Err hello miss procrastinator extraordinaire!!

Plus I mixed the the previous topic for day 10 with day 9. So am going back to day 9's topic which was suppose to be for day 10.

RIGHT. now am confusing myself.

SO RELATIONSHIPS. WOW such a big topic to write about.

The H is not a romantic. He does not do flowers poems or writes me letters or notes. Mostly on my birthday cards he draws cartoons of either him and me and puts a heart symbol in between.

Not very good with words this one.

Every single year we have been together, I have sniffed out suprises he has planned because he is also really really bad at lyieng and keeping secrets.

I whine sometimes because I really miss  having meaningful conversations. I miss banter. I miss being courted. Nowadays conversations with the H always revolves around schedules or other important adult-like stuff or Ayra. I just miss talking about stupid and weird stuff and I miss him telling me hahahaha you're so comel whenever I tell him my theories on events. I miss beings spontaneous.

We get lost sometimes in the routine of daily life, of his football matches and my zombie shows. We have scarily become two people so comfortable and so settled in marriage. Or so I thought.

This year has become one of the most difficult years for me and lately my worklife has not been pleasant. I try to be optimistic but I have my breakdown days when I feel so overwhelmed I often curl-up in a ball when everyone is asleep and cry my heart out.

Yesterday when he fetched me from work, he said reach under the carseat at the back for the black paper bag. I rolled my eyes. He loves to do that ask me to get things so far at the back of the car. He thinks I'am a gymnast.

Then with a straight face he asked me to get him the boxes in the bag and I saw these :

* smiles from ear to ear* sometimes there is no need for words. Words can be over-rated. I love you H for making me feel on certain days (ehem ehem) like the luckiest girl in the world.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

She is mine not yours.

Parenting is not for the faint-hearted. Ayra is only two and half plus plus and already I feel that my heart is battle-worn ready to collapse at any minute from the multiple heartbreaks, torn out chest, fall from the balcony moments.

The thing is most of the time I still feel that am still learning all this motherhood stuff and haven't quite gotten round or successfully mastering anything. I'am still that rookie mama looking and twitching nervously at all the master mom's in the changing room managing not one but sometimes three screaming toddlers at the same time. * such respect tabik spring* 

Its not easy, Ayra is my toughest assignment to date, and sometimes I fall on my knees trying to manage everything.


Moms who are really anal annoy me. Excuse the language. You know the ones who just love to compare their children with yours. I notice this happens a lot especially within the malay community.  I'll give you some examples :

annoyingmommaspecimenone: (mulakan dengan pujian supaya tak nampak niat yang sebenarnya nak menunjuk) Comelnya anak uuu. dah berapa tahun?

meunsuspectingvictim :) ( senyum sebab tatau soalan seterusnya) thanks. Dia dua tahun setengah.

annoyingmommaspecimenone: ohhh dia still mumble ye? tak reti cakap betul betul lagi? (haaa ni dah dapat agak dah niat sebenar) :P

meunsuspectingvictim: err ( tgh fikir macam mana nak respond saya memang slow skit bab bab macam ni) ya tapi ok lah I faham apa dia cakap.

annoyingmommaspecimenone: my daughter ni umur setahun lebih dah pandai cakap, sebab I rajin cakap dengan dia tak 'babytalk' langsung u pun kena buat macam ni beli video macam ni baca doa macam ni bla bla bla (pendek kata buat semua mcam dia buat!) 

meunsuspectingvictim: eh sorry I have to take this phone call ( cara escape saya yang paling famous bila dah tak tahan) pastu grab Ayra sekali sambil pretend nak gi toilet :P

ANNOYING. ok another example:

Ayra: screaming her lungs out at a social function

anotherannoymom: hemm ni mesti sebab dia tak duduk nursery kan tak biasa dengan orang. 

me: Ayra don't cry pleaseeeeeeee ( in between trying to calm her down and not look like a serial kidnapper and trying to not hit annoying mum with my large handbag) 

anotherannoymom: my anak dari dulu I suruh dia duduk nursery pastu I stopped work to look after her, ajar dia ikut kehendak I so dia biasa dah dengan orang tengok dia ok je. kesian anak u, u kena train dia kalau tak susahhhhh.

me: kau ni tak nampak ke am trying to calm my daughter down, feed her at the same time, pastu kau nak bebel bebel ni apsal belasah kang baru tau (tapi ni semua cakap dalam hati je :P) 

ANNOYING. because I always look at other mom's with a lot of respect, as I feel raising a child is a challenge, so I do not question how a child is brought up by their parents as we all have our own ways and what we feel is best for our children, who is to say that your way is more superior than mine? We adapt. I do not try to shove my opinions down other's people's or mom's throat. SO please I might have zero-parenting skills but I'll learn and for the time being just give me the space to just be.

I have never been the competitive type EVER in my life. SO if u need to feel more superior u picked the wrong victim honey. 

I'll love my daughter no matter what. I'll let her learn at her own pace. I will not care if she is left behind in certain things. I do not care if she doesnt structure her sentences properly. I will let her play games and run around and make a mess and bang on pots and pans. I will let her be silly or weird. I will let her be herself and not what a baby book or commercial or overzealous moms tell me how she should be, because I will love her in my own terms, because she is mine and not yours. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'am not SKINNY

I was never the SKINNY girl gone fat. May I emphasize on the word NEVER.

I was always a chubby baby up to my swinging early twenties. The gene pool was something of a kind or cruel mix, ( which ever you prefer) I was always 'soft and all woman' right up to my b&b's .

Boys were a pest in the early acne ridden years oh and girls too for that matter.

They would tell me stupid things of how I should hunch because my two friends sticked out. No one apparently was aware of good posture. Everyone termed it as " jalan mendada" * rolls eyes* and you were ostracised because of it. No sane girl wanting to be popular should ever be friends with you.

Boys on the other hand would give me such comments that I would need to somehow fix myself (meaning physically) and change my personality ( stop having reading books and speaking English too much) so that I would blend in more. ( eyes now rolling out of my sockets.)

The joys of public schools cannot be denied. Thank god there was a decent library and there were numerous exits were I could escape when school and the people in it got on my nerves ( Ayra! this is NOT a good example!) :P

Funny thing is  same people who made my teenage life hell now want to be  friends of Facebook, (err yes you want to see how much I've grown have you!? sheesh)

Anyways back to the topic- people would often describe me as the 'chubby weird girl' or if ever there was a compliment  it would be oh she's 'cute' which is a code for I don't know which category to put you in, but I don't want to be mean so 'cute' it is!!

It didn't help that malay relatives can be a tad anal sometimes. My sister and me we were built differently and comparisons happened. My insecurities became worst.

I'am not  SKINNY. I'am normal sized.

In college, in the faculty that I was in emphasize was given on how you look on the outside, everyone I knew was watching what they ate. ( well most of them anyway) Funny thing was I met the H because we both liked food so much and when everyone was busy dieting so that it could fit into skinny jeans, I was going on food dates with the future H.

And then it was the WEDDING. The person sewing my dress said " Kakak kena slim sikit nanti baju yang design ni tak cantik" I was about 54kg at that time.

SO there was going to be only one wedding, I dieted for a few months. I ate soup and only water and had yoghurt for breakfast. I was angry and crabby but I was wearing a size 26 jeans and was a small 49kg's.

Then the honeymoon phase started. I became a little too happy we went on food trails whatever I lost I gained. Then my career started and I began to lose weight again because I was so depressed. Then I began comfort eating gained again.

Ayra happened and well during the pregnancy I was a rollling crabby peeing 75 kg ball of nerves.

Lost it again breasfeeding. Then gained it again due to stress. SO frankly am tired you know. Am just plain tired.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Haji Lane is my kind of lane

It was a usual stressful week, when the H announced he was assigned for a work trip to Singapore for a few days, it was the icing to  the cake. SO I membebeled till the cows came home.

" Right u know its dewan week? macam mana schedule Ayra kena rearrange, its the middle of the week bagusla bagusla pening la kepala yana macam ni WHY do u have to go every MONTH? bla bla bla"

After listening patiently  the H said the most wonderful words a stressed journo mommy can hear : Ikutla kita still ada autopass we drive in after Dewan on Thursday and then can go check out H& M kedai Hina dan Murah hahahahah ok jangan marah lagi!

Lepas tu saya senyum meleret leret leret sampai telinga. But because we have travelled to Singers a few times we were running out of places to go, I turned to trusty google for some other options. And Haji Lane popped out.

The description read : This tiny lane, hidden away in the heart of the Muslim quarter, is a fashionista's paradise. With very little fanfare, the collection of narrow shop-houses have, in less than a year, been transformed into an aggressively hip retail stretch recalling Le Marais in Paris or New York's Meatpacking District.

Know It Nothing is a stylish industrial space that stocks beautifully tailored dress shirts stitched with silver skull buttons by Japanese label Garni. Next, pop into Pluck for its shabby chic collection of Austin Powers–inspired cushion covers and a cute ice-cream parlor.

A few doors down, Salad boasts a range of home accessories like laser-cut table mats and Hong Kong–based Carrie Chau's quirky postcards. If you're feeling peckish, have an authentic Middle Eastern lunch around the corner at Cafe le Caire.

*grins* the description was spot on!  Haji Lane is a shopping paradise especially for those who have a liking for quirky stuff, I loved it!
We didn't go to many places since it was a weekend and a bit crowded. H&M was the worst. I coudnt breathe let alone shop. SO it was Haji Lane and just enjoying the hotel facilities. Which was a nice break from the daily routine, here are the piccies, I didnt upload them on FB since they are a lot of Singapore pictures there are already. IF any of you shopaholics are heading down to Singers do give this quaint lane a visit I am definitely coming back! 
The view from our room we were on the 47th floor. It was nice but I secretly wish that we had more of a sea view, and not so much of buildings. Well beggars can't be choosers!
Ayra and Me I know what she is thinking, mama is such a poser! LOL

The infinity pool. The is actually a gap for the water to fall through and also a little space built in at the bottom in case of accidents. The H who is afraid of heights checked it out just so everyone was safe LOL
Something is wrong with my hijab I look like my head is stuffed  or something. Ayra looks like a seasoned traveller with her brochure and all

The Sultan Mosque near Arab street, the architecture of the mosque is old school.

A little cafe in Kampong Glam. Gotta love the name!
Haji Lane independent boutiques me loves!

view of haji lane

We headed for Kartika's wedding the very next day!

Congratulations Kartika Amri! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Life Lessons from Ayra Rayyan (2) Be Kind and Compassionate and if you are its not a weakness

Ayra is an angry bird * occasionally * :)
The lil missy has a nasty little habit she picked up from Daddy. She has finally jumped on the bandwagon of crazy angry bird fans.

(I’m so not pleased daddyyyy!!)
anyways I never bother to see what she was doing while she was playing the game, I assume she was playing it like she did any other ehem “educational game” on the I POD touch.

She usually does not need much guidance, and I let her figure it out herself unless she asks.

One day I saw the H trying to coach her while she was in the zone with the game.

H: Ayra kena baling arah sini la

A: nooooooooooooo.

H: Kalau tak baling nanti  tak menang cham mane balloon hijau (code name for green pig) tu nak meletup?

A: Tak Nakkkk.

H: *facepalm* aiseh.

When I walked over to see, Ayra was instead catapulting those angry birds on the other side instead of hitting the green pigs.

And how those green pigs laughed at her and she laughed as well.

So I asked : Ayra salah lah kena baling kena balloon hijau.

Ayra: pain sakit shiannnnnnn balloona ( her word for balloons)
She was confident that if she hit the pigs it would be painful for them and  because she didn’t hit them that’s why they laughed.

Am sorry if this sounds gushing, but how a child’s mind works never fails to amaze me.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Life Lessons from Ayra Rayyan (1) Just Be Yourself.

Ayra Rayyan at two years eight months is currently a life coach guru :P
Its funny how messages come in the most surprising  ways.

I was having an identity crisis. Yes me a 28-year-old mommy having a little bit of a drama moment.

So in one of my lepaking sessions with Ayra I asked her just for fun, Ayra dah besar nak jadi apa?

Ayra answered : Ayra.

Such a simple answer which such a profound meaning. Of course Ayra was just answering me without really comprehending the meaning of the situation I was in at the moment. Tapi maybe Allah wanted to teach me a lesson.

There is no one else, you should be only yourself and there is no one you should be answerable to expect him. So if you feel that you are doing the right thing for the right reasons and your nawaitu and heart is the right place you should be alright. Insyallah.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

July baby :)

*Flexes fingers and blows dust * I noticed there were no entries last month. Lets just say a truckload of things happened and I just did not have the luxury to sit down and put my thoughts together.

July will always be sort of special, because I get older, my sister Naa gets older, my marriage gets older :P and I try my very best to wiggle presents out of everybody. * ahem joke*  or at least a meal. * ini macam tak berapa joke * haha.

So basically that’s what I did, and here is the proof in no particular order.

ahem. I turned 28. FYI my mama always insists on birthday cakes for every birthday. These were red velvet and peanut buttered flavored with rich butter cream. It also managed to stay on my waistline for two months -_- 
Mama's sauteed mushrooms are so sedap sehingga menjilat jari. This contributes to the huge-ness of my arms and my comfy cushion-y behind -_-
Roast Chicken and Pasta Salad. All my fav's on my birthday please. Nothing more Nothing less. I'm bratty that way :P

and yes there were people and not only food. excuse my om nom nom expression. Or is it my bossy expression? I was probably ordering someone to give me the cake knife pronto. Btway now this pic looks like Ayra is celebrating HER birthday.
My baby sister Naa also turned 18. She looks like she's blowing candles but there is no candles? HAHAHA. and I really don't know why Mama has pursed lips also. :P
Mi familia love.
Ayra likes to sit by the stairs and babble. She has this thing of wanting to go upstairs only when everyone starts eating. Only two and she's trying to be ironic :P 
we all accidentally wore the same colour. I SWEAR.
My mommy and miss 18-year-old.

The Bro's :PP
The H dragged me to some blogger award event he was covering in Sentul, at the same time he was reviewing the new Nikon DSLR the result instant photo-shoot pwoar!!
Cam-whored near a tong sampah.Go figure.
the nice view at that sentul park place. Its a bercinta-cinta place, but also a nice park to bring the kiddos for a nice run around to make them sleep better at night *ahem coughs*
adalah wajib to get a photo with the camera guy who is nice enough to lug around your huge handbag :P
Camera-man went to a working trip to freaking TOKYO and I will be eternally jealous until I set foot there myself. I didn't slave around belajar nihon-go in college for nuthin.
When he got back just to be annoying I forced him to take me for a sushi meal. Note the devilish expression.
And I practically licked those plates clean.
So yeah a lot happened in July. And a lot has also been happening in August. And I'm about a month late. Well am slow like that. Excuse the slew of pictures please I was feeling a lil bloggerish -_-.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Four Years with Muhammad Afiq Hanif.

I forget sometimes that we have been married for four years. Time flies when you're having fun they say (or are in the midst of torturing someone)  :p

They tell me I'm spoiled rotten by you. They tell me I'm so lucky to have you. And yet  I insist on being a tad annoying and weirdly random and crazy when I'm around you.

And then I just tell them : Of course tengoklah siapa yang pilihhhhh :p

From this silly post I bet you can tell that I love you of course and I hope that Allah permits for us to spend many more Ramadhan's together insyallah. 

Ini gambar orang mengamuk dan tidak puas hati setelah dibawa memanjat bukit bukau bagai pada hari lahir. Pada waktu kejadian mangsa memakai sepatu yang baru dibeli terima kasih :P
Four years is only the beginning no ? ;-0  

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I won't let anybody hurt you.

excuse the sengal picture of yours truly, my daughter looks beautiful in it. ;-)
I'am sitting here in my little space at work, missing you. This month has been rough. I feel so defeated, so tensed  like a time bomb waiting to explode. There is noise everywhere. Paper scattered on the floor. Useless meaningless chatter and a dozen people walking about. But I still feel alone. I'am only hanging on because of you. Despite what people think. I have experienced it before the difficulty of not having options. I can't let that happen to you, so I won't and I trudge along when actually I want to quit. Its not about the shoes or the little indulgences I allow myself sometimes. People misunderstand.Its not about things. Its about love. It would be easy to just throw up my hands in defeat tell everyone I can't do it anymore, raise the white flag. But you're under my care now. And that can't happen. So I will take the bullets. The unfair judgments towards my choices my character. The little mean comments wrapped in nice packages or mixed with sugar. They don't see the difficulty of it all the struggle for balance. But its okay one smile and I know its worth everything. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hari Kesembilan - Gambar barang yang baru dibeli

Fuh. I know its dusty. Don't shoot me. SO many things have been happening and I had wanted to blog so very much but the stars weren't cooperating with me. Err and I'm still going on with this challenge PHEW. Well here is my latest purchase, got it for a steal at RM50 from a friend who was selling off her unused impulse purchases. Isn't it cute? ;-) Am so happy with this purchase and that it can fit Ayra's small pillow her Dora CD's , her baby books and also a change of pampers so its cute and functional. Everything has to be functional when you're a mom.<3 till the next post ;p

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hari Kelapan : Majlis Perkahwinan Idaman

What a question. I was not the sort of girl who dreamt about weddings. SERIOUSLY. In fact there was a time I doubted that I would ever ever get married at all.

Boys annoyed the hell out of me. I thought they were messy. stupid and out to ruin my life.

When I was seventeen all I wanted was to go somewhere and write write write. I used to pore over newspaper articles cut them out paste them in my room and imagined my byline next to the article. Well at least that dream came true except that I’m starting to feel restless again. But that’s another post for another day.

Ok back to the topic. Weddings or dream weddings. Ok this topic is hard. HAHAHA.

Well I wanted my wedding to be as simple as possible, but it didn’t turn out that way at all. * SIGHS* but what I really regretted about my wedding was just the cake. I didn't manage to get my dream cake due to budget constraints, I wish I could have gotten a cake that looked like this. So now I'm always obsessing over Ayra's birthday cakes ;p

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hari Ketujuh : Gambar Haiwan Yang anda berangan nak pelihara ;p

Tengok gambar ni. Tengok betul betul pandang mata panda baby panda ni. Mesti dah jatuh cinta kan? mesti nak bawak balik rumah kan nak simpan dalam peti ais kan kan kan. Freeze it so it will be with you forever. Apa kau merepek ni, kan dah nampak sangat kau tu weird. Okay that's it for  the seventh day I scared you enough for today already ;)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hari Keenam: Lagu yang sama dengan mood hari ni.

I know missed a few days. But I'll just continue where I left off, I went on a family trip to KK (more on that in another post) I hated this dress Lauren wore, I think it should have just been a short dress. Here it just looks like a very confused dress.  
But I loved the song. Both her and the original singer Martina Mcbride's version. So for the sixth day of the blogging challenge this is the song that matches my mood today please enjoy it. ;-) 

And because lyrics are very important to me when I listen to a song here it is:

You can spend your whole life buildin'
Something from nothin
One storm can come and blow it all away
Build it anyway

You can chase a dream
That seems so out of reach
And you know it might not ever come your way
Dream it anyway

God is great but sometimes life aint good
And when I pray
It doesn't always turn out like I think it should
But I do it anyway
I do it anyway

This worlds gone crazy
And it's hard to believe
That tomorrow will be better than today
Believe it anyway

You can love someone with all YOUR heart
For all the right reasons
And in a moment they can choose to walk away
love em anyway

God is great but sometimes life aint good
And when I pray
It doesn't always turn out like I think it should
But I do it anyway
Yeah I do it anyway, yeah,

You can pour your soul out singin'
A song you believe in
That tomorrow they'll forget you ever sang
Sing it anyway
Yeah sing it anyway, yeah, yeah

I sing
I dream
I love anyway, yeah.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hari Kelima - Perbezaan antara anda dan orang lain.

What makes me different from everyone else? Oh if you know me you would probably know. But if you don’t know me personally and have not spoken to me ever than you probably wouldn’t. But I get asked about this trait on average almost everyday. And am too tired to blog about it because well let’s just say its kinda tiring to explain, because well I’d probably have to write a book on how kids and teenagers, boys in particular can be damn mean, how I would probably have an easier time in school if I was cuter so that this particular thing didn’t stick out so much, and how with this trait I have managed to survive as a newspaper journalist.

And how everyday during my pregnancy I prayed that my daughter would not inherit this from me. So when she almost cried the whole hospital down when she was born I felt the greatest sense of relief you could ever imagine because YAY she was normal, she could blend in, imagine she can join storytelling contests, debates, and most importantly sing- with the sweetest voice ever.

Kalau macam ini tiga abad baru habis, plus I have moved on there are other interesting things. So yeah if you know you know. If not maybe you’ll know maybe you won’t no loss there believe me.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hari Keempat : Gambar Kegemaran Bersama Kawan Baik

They say pictures are worth a thousand words.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Raishah Abdul Hamid.

The thing I love most about my mama is she let me be me. She let me colour my hair at sixteen, pierce my nose and write poetry in my schoolbooks.
She picked me up from school when some mean boys pasted pages of my diary at the school boards, and let me skip school for a while.

She made me feel special even when I felt my worst, even if I felt I was never going to be cool and that no boy would ever want to be with me.

She told me it was okay to like books better than boys.

I didn’t have that many friends because I always felt sort of weird or maybe people found me weird, so she took me everywhere. To classes, to meet-ups with her friends, to the saloon ;-)

She was never the traditional sort of Mom, but she was always there when it mattered the most. Always.
And when I had Ayra I finally understood why as mom’s you always have this sort of mad courage, the need to protect your baby from any harm imaginable, but to also have the wisdom to let your baby experience some things on their own.

Happy mothers day mama the bestest everest mama any daughter can ask for.

Hari Ketiga Temujanji Pertama yang Sempurna

GOSH. I know I'am late on my third day post. Sorry naik lorry ok. Promise that this would be the first and last time I miss a blogging day for the challenge. EHEM. Does this mean I lose? haha. Anyways back to today's topic. The Perfect First Date. Well to me a perfect first date is where you can be yourself without any pretensions whatsoever doing simple activities and just enjoying the conversations and the company. I don't really like stuffy atmospheres like dinners at  formal restaurants. I would rather go spend a day at a beach or have a picnic at a waterfall. ;-) 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hari Kedua Filem Kesukaan

I watched this with a bunch of friends from uni. We watched the midnight show in Jusco Bukit Raja mind you and we were the only ones in the movie theater. There were I think eight of us? squashed in The H's little red kancil. We were taking photography as a subject that semester with Doc Bob. I still think its one of the creepiest scariest movie ever. I have watched many horror movies after this none seem to match up not even the hollywood version. Malam tu my friends stayed over my place and tak tidur sampai about three am itupun had to put the lights on. The boys all slept over kat Jalan Platinum hahaha sampai the boys pun takut jugak. Plus the actor Ananda Everingham, so cute. ;)
I like movies where I can't predict the ending. And I also have a weakness for thrillers and the horror genre. During my days in Uitm I once  forced the H to watch nothing but horror movies for the whole month.
Back to the Future made me think that I could make Papa's white iswara fly. I watched the movie more than 10 times just for Doc Brown ;)
The Mighty Ducks. Ini classic. Dulu masa tengah kawan kawan with the H i asked him : pernah tengok mighty ducks tak? The H jawab: pernah. I thought in my head : ok budak ni tak lah pelik sangat ;       

Alamak I think I have listed like more than one. ;-) Well I have a lil bit of an obsession with movies ;p

Thanks for reading till day three ;-)