Monday, September 27, 2010

Shades of Grey

our second eid. Ayra tamau duduk diam this time so all the photos were tangkap muat je! ;-)
photo above : ayra's paparazzi moment, no camera flashes please;-)

Its dusty. I can feel the dust settling into the crevices of the little nooks and corners of this blog. Lets just say I have not been inspired to write an entry.

Raya came and went, and I tried to feel excited for Ayra’s sake. Truth is everything went by so fast and we tried to go everywhere and please everyone that I just felt drained and tired mostly.

Note to self : Maybe next Raya I should propose a family holiday instead !!! ( tapi would feel extremely guilty pulak towards my grandparents)

Thus the colour Emil chose for this year reflected my feelings exactly : Shades of Grey and Black.

It was Ayra’s second raya and although she didn’t understand much she was just happy that the H and me were there with her all the time and that lots of people were around her. I think that made her happy. Kesian my baby. Deprived of social interactions with other babies and kids. Its always the eldest curse.

She is quite friendly now and loves to mix around, I keep telling myself that I need to register her somewhere where she can interact with other babies, but there is always no time.

But on a cheerier note, I loved that I got to spend more time with Ayra and the H. We just lazed around the house and ate our own raya cookies and watched old movies oh and tons of elmo videos. I don’t know about most people but this is my favourite form of relaxation!

Since Syawal is not yet over, I hope Raya was good for everyone. And since I’m not perfect please forgive me if I have wronged anyone, I probably was just in a bad mood or did not have enough sleep. I can be very nice when I want to ;ppp

Eid Mubarak!