Monday, February 20, 2012

Make-up Adventures

An old colleague and a dear friend got hitched recently and I was given the honour of playing around with make-up for her 'malam berinai' loosely translated as the night where the bride applies henna to her hands and feet.

This is the very unprofessional result. But thanks dear Halima for trusting me. Congratulations on being married to Syazwan I hope you both have a very happy, prosperous and blessed marriage full of love, understanding and above all patience :P

I used Bobbi Brown liquid moisturizer, MAC foundation, loreal primer, Bobbi brown brow liner in grey, Maybelline hyper liner in Jet Black Bobbi Brown pencil liner in Black, Elianto eyecolour (believe it or not) in gold shimmer and red (to reflect the colour of her songket) and Laura Mercier tube gloss in Red. I also used MAC highlighter to highlight features and Max Factor long lasting powder blush in Peach. After everything was done I powdered her face with bare-minerals matte powder to get the smooth skin effect. I'am not a fan of fake eyelashes and I figured that Halima did not need any as she already has pretty eyelashes. :)
: ) I hope I get to play with  make-up again soon

Friday, February 10, 2012

There is nothing wrong with being modest :)

I actually understand now, I understand better than I did before about the ‘haya’ the arabic term for modesty and why Muslim women are encouraged to guard it.

In this fast moving modern word modesty is under-rated. While being the complete opposite of being modest is celebrated.

What’s so bad about being modest? What is so bad about wanting to keep certain things hidden from the public view to keep yourself guarded from fitna - loosely translated as mean gossip. Why do we have to conform to society’s ideas of modernity?

To be honest, I used to struggle with the concept of donning the hijab, I knew deep down in my heart that it was the right thing to do but I kept having arguments about it in my head, with my girlfriends, with guy-friends with family. I did not truly grasped the concept.

Being a girly-girl who loved fashion and make-up I used to think that the rules imposed upon me were stifling, not progressive and I felt the need to rebel.

I used to be the girl who couldn’t walk out of the house fully made up. I never bothered to wear tops that covered my butt even if I was wearing really tight jeans. I wore the hijab just to please the people close to me.

Several things have happened in my life that have brought me closer to my religion and I began to include changes in the way I dress and spoke.

Sometimes the old me peeks out now and then and I still have a terrible temper but I’m trying.

Saya rasa Allah macam nak bagi hidayah, takkan saya nak ignore. Terus rasa macam nak tulis entry ni.

People define  beauty in terms of aesthetics, and my religion advocates that true beauty lies in good character, being a good person.

Let me the first to say that it is difficult, of course it is. Being a woman you are inclined to want to dress up, and try out new hairstyles, show off your figure.

But is that all you want to be defined as? A shell?

But I understand now why we need to guard this to be modest to be simple, because when you dress up, wear thick makeup and show off your figure,

People will compliment you, people will talk about you, which is not necessarily a bad thing but sometimes the grapevine can and will get out of control.

You will feel a tad proud about your assets about your beauty you will become arrogant, proud ,conceited andcocky, you will forget that whatever Allah gave he can take back.

You will forget that ultimately in the bigger scale of things all this will fade and all that is left is your soul when death is near.

And that is why simplicity is the best, so that you do not forget, so that your feet stay firmly rooted to the ground and you can improve your relationship with the creator.

So I understand now. May Allah ease our journey and provide guidance for us always :) insyallah.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hari Ketiga Belas : Apa yang berada di dalam tas tangan seorang yang kelam-kabut dan pelupa ;/

I used to be a forgetful person. *ehem ehem* well I still am sometimes. Mama was always annoyed with these bouts of forgetfulness during my teenage years she'd shout * if your head wasn't attached to your body you might forget that toooooo!! *and I probably would have, it was that bad.

When I got pregnant with Ayra, I was determined to 'remember things' since mama told me very bluntly  that I better start remembering stuff and not leave my baby at random places.

If she was trying to scare me into finally getting organised well she sort of succeeded ! Not much but I'm getting there, by lugging around the 'kitchen sink' in my bag. The H who is nice enough to carry my luggage, whenever Ayra was in my arms, would walk around lopsided burdened by my heavy burden get it get it?!! Okay I sound demented.

My life is in my bag. And because of the nature of my job, my work 'equipment' (sounds so important kan hahaha)  must be in my bag at all times. So here it is in no particular order. I feel like Mary Poppins already :P
* err anyone wants to get me a bag organiser?*

Spare pampers, Wet Tissues and Ezerra Cream

Ayra has eczema and she tends to scratch the parts where she has it until it bleeds, doc says that her skin needs to be properly hydrated at all times to keep it from being itchy, so the cream is a life saver. As for the pampers and wet tissues well that is self explanatory any mommy would have these in their bags. And do not ask me about Ayra's toilet training adventures. That is another post for another day. Right now I have no time for annoying super efficient mommy's who like to make me feel inadequate. TQ

Media Tag and Office Tag
A media tag is an official tag from the Ministry of Information for all media and press personnel, every time you cover an assignment the tag needs to hang on your neck to make sure you're not from outer space and that you're a true blue newshound. The office tag is to be worn on office premises to make sure you look a little dumb and to ruin your carefully chosen outfit. HAHAHAH no I kid. I have to have them with me all the times, because my work can be veryyyyy unpredictable. NO SORT OF STABILITY at all.

Notebook and a variety of pens
Another work essential, also to write ideas and the groceries list. Also useful when Ayra gets artsy when we are trying to have a nice dinner in a restaurant.

My phone is of the blackberry variety, I wanted a samsung to replace my old kaput phone, The H got me a berry. Oh well. At least I have a phone and can now say the phrase * eh u bbm me okay* and * gimme ur bb pin* I feel so cool now its ridiculous! oh I sometimes do work on it too. Its a nifty little curvy little black thing :P

Pink Headphones
Headphones are just cooler than earphones. Its a lot easier to use with a scarf on. There is no problem of locating your ears and your scarf stays intact its pure GENIUS. Plus there is so many colours its insane. If I were a little bit more crazy than I already am I would probably purchase one in every colour just to match my outfits. But I'am not so this one it has to be. The colour is not any indication of my feminine-ness. Its just easy to locate in the bag. Headphones are used to listen to recordings of press conferences and interviews too occasionally.

Gastric Pills
I have very very badddd gastric attacks, sometimes when I don't have the time to eat because I have been running around the whole day I get pretty gassy and start a farting burping fire. These yellow pills are like my firemen. they taste like chalk. And yes I have chewed chalk, don't ask me why.

Mentos Mints and Herbal Teas
I meet people all the time I cannot have bad breath , herbal teas help with my digestive system and yes I;am sixty years old ;/

This is for saving my life. Enough said.

Compact camera and card reader:
My friend labelled me : Yana the efficient uploader and picture taker : I take the title given very seriously -_-

Evian Facial Spray
Because I'm worth it ?! hahaha. No I actually have very dry skin and it often peels if I am under the sun or exposed to air conditioning for very long periods this works best to soothe it. Yes I'am delicate like that.
L'occitane essential oils hand creme
The h got in a gift bag at one of his assignments, I smelled it like the bottle and now its mine mine mine :)

Mosi Guard  Mosquito repellent
I get assigned to the dodgiest places. Better safe than sorry. Mosquitoes also have taken a serious liking for Ayra's blood so this one is for her too. I wish they'd create a boy repellent it would really comfort me when she turns sixteen. I'd spray  it all over her!!

Hijab Pins.
I always misplace my pins, and I hate it when my tudung becomes senget benget. Drives me up the wall. My tudung has to be in place ladies and gentlemen. So minor accidents occur. But I have extra pins to save meeee.

Blackberry charger.
It is just me or this phone practically needs to be charged every freaking hour. I rest my case.

Sometimes I pretend I'm a gossip girl. And that I have taken over all their fabulous shoes and bags!

Dior powder, Bobbi Brown lipstick in Desert Rose, Fresh Vial Perfume in Brown Sugar, Revlon lipgloss in lustrous
These make me look a bit sane, after sleepless nights, night shifts, running around and being stressed out at almost everything. If I went au-naturale I would look like Edward from twilight, and I do NOT want to look like a sparkling pondan vampire thank you very much.

Watches to be repaired.
I finally got them repaired today yay me! I still have them in my bag tho.

Halimah's wedding invite and Sakae-Sushi member card and voucher.
yes I stuff invites in my bag so I won't forget I was invited and the date of the wedding. As for the sushi voucher, that reminds me that  I have to use it soon!!