Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sacrifices are for the Strong.

YB Ayra Rayyan Muhammad Afiq on tour of her constituency In Bota Perak. For Aidiladha, Ayra made the noble sacrifice of giving up a much needed vacation for the sake of her voters. ;p
This AidilAdha we made the usual trip down to the Silver State. My Opah's house looks good here but actually the caretakers have not TAKEN GOOD CARE of it. Kesian.Kesian Kesian. 
pic is courtesy of second cousin Zakuan Azizi ( eh betul ke your name ni aku main hentam aja.) 
Sungai Perak in all its glory, is just behind my Opah's house something that I will always brag about !! ;-) especially to the H who has no 'kampung' because he is a 'budak KL' whatever * roles eyes* And yes I was not in traditional attire for Aidiladha because we were travelling and I can't stand not being comfortable.Its one of my priorities, I need to move and feed my toddler . Plus I feel silly buying baju raya for two raya's. Am not ten years old. 
Yes. I  have my shades on because it was hot and because * aku rasa ultra cool with shades on especially in hot places and not in the bright lights of a mall * ;ppp
Picture is courtesy of the newlyweds - Shab and Zaid's camera and ehem talented photog and cousin Aiman! ;p

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cerekarama - Drama - Mama

Well. The title of this post should be able to explain it all.
But am going to bore you to tears with the details anyway. Yes because am lame like that.

Yesterday the drama at ( where else? ) the office reached an all time high due to a century old problem - Communicating - A simple task a media organisation should be an expert at. But what the organisation am working at has failed to do.

Why are we scared of being honest when there is a danger of hurting some one else's feelings. Conflict is tough, but like creases you iron it out and you MOVE ON. Or else the grievances accumulate, snubs, slights, and wars.

The recipe is often simple talk it out.

NO ONE BLOODY talks to each other, and problems simmer beneath fake smiling faces and polite greetings.I can't stand the negativity of it all, because in the end the real stuff the genuine stuff gets lost in the mess.

I was a naive rookie reporter once, I want to get back to that. Now am just a jaded junior reporter- which is not what I imagined my career in writing to be.I want to feel enthusiastic and be passionate about my work  again because at the end of the day despite everything that I have to face I cannot imagine myself doing anything else but writing.

Or maybe I should start imagining NOW? 

Isn't that just sad? Don't call me complacent am just unsatisfied with the situation as you are, But I LIKE to look at the big PICTURE. I don't want to be too jaded that I can't see the silver lining anymore.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My New Baby!

Hello. Please meet my new baby:


After deliberating for SO LONG, I finally managed to open a very small blogshop, which sells syria hijabs, cute tops, pre-loved items and accessories. Its also sort of my personal lookbook where I share style inspirations and my observation on hijab fashion.

I remember how hard it was for me as teenager to follow the dresscode. I always felt torn on whether to wear it or not, or to just follow peer pressure. I felt there weren't enough role-models I could look up to when it came to   following the dress code but being fashionable at the same time.

Am so glad that young girls no longer associate donning the hijab with being boring and slightly ' makcik-ky' for lack of a better word. I feel inspired everytime I see a hijabi ( girls wearing the hijab) dressing creatively and coming up with such cute looks! 

Although we still battle with perceptions by the society at large, we are slowly breaking the mould.

I know there would be many naysayers- but your thoughts and interpretation of our beautiful religion is your own. I have mine. So no negativity here. I know there are certain restrictions, and I'm still learning. And I think so are you. No one is PERFECT.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Am just a Cave Woman.

I am going to be melodramatic, because it is what I do best. I did not get the title 'drama queen' for nothing, I must live up to expectations or else what kind of person will I be?

Okay so am going to be melodramatic and also sarcastic, mostly because sarcasm runs in the family and because am done being little miss nice. Actually have I ever been little miss nice? Don't answer that.

Am just so tired of dealing with this constant political bickering and having to watch my back all the time, mincing my words and rolling my eyes. Do you know that it takes severe physical effort to do all those things at once.

My brains, heart and other internal organs cannot stand it. Before I go to work I feel like have to be suited up in a bullet proof vest.

Thing is, I should know better right? After dealing with this sort of thing in school, university and now work. I should be some kind of expert. I should be able to write three best sellers and save other emotionally frail, vertically challenged people for having to go through the pain and hurt of a variety of attacks from people who just have nothing better to do with their lives.

But mess around with other people's lives.

Thing is I should not care. Why should I care. Because everytime a person says they dont give a damn, it actually hurts that's why.

I want to go back and retreat to my cave now tq.