Saturday, January 24, 2009

So you have a problem with my BUMP?

I wish we had BUMP days here - since I've been totally hooked on ice cream these last 9 months.
The thing is ladies and gentlemen I already feel huge. I’m convinced I’m huge. I know I’m huge. Things don’t fit they stick out in odd places, and I waddle when I walk - as a colleague of mine never fails to remind me - I look basically like a watermelon with legs. ( I do hope he meant it somewhat affectionally although I highly doubt it)

But despite being huge I’m and would also be the most stubborn waddling water melon that you will ever have the pleasure to encounter.

There is something about shopping in the maternity section of stores or going in a maternity shop that just makes me a tad - thinking hard for the right word here - a bit erm OLD? erm its not really quite the right word but my brain as you know is not really functioning the way it should these days.

So I walk into the usual places that I shop - and just get tops in very large sizes - which fit me fine and does not make me look like a pregnant schoolgirl. But the stares I get from people who shop in the stores (anorexic teenage girls , giggle gaggle girls, career girls with perfect hair and hydrated cuticles in a french manicure and also ladies of leisure and the lot) and also the salespeople (whom either pretend to ignore me but give me the sideways stare) frankly are annoying, somewhat disturbing and makes me want to dig their eyes out with my fingers.

I wonder if they are SMART enough to know that you can't STARE a bump away!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Losing Minds - -

Everyone right at this moment at this date during this time is going to talk about the Terengganu by-election. Well, i've decided that I'am far too fat and too round for important discussions on the Malaysian political scene.

It might induce labour! haha. So Maybe next time.

Instead I'am going to post an interesting quote on love I found in a book, that I read last year. Mainly because I've had a few girlfriends who have been experiencing some trouble in the la amour department, and one of them said something that triggered my memory of a passage I read in the book.

And the passage in the book goes something like this :-
Isn't that what love is losing your mind?
You don't care what people think.
You don't see your beloved faults, the slight stinginess, the bit of carelessness, the occasional streak of meaness. You don't mind if they are beneath you socially,educationally or financially. sometimes even morally. that's the worst I think deficient morals.
- Saving Fish From Drowning by Amy Tan-

SO is it really a case of losing your mind ? I don't know -- in love maybe. But in Malaysian politics I can assure you losing your mind is something quite normal! ;-)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I’m tired so this is going to be a silly post. A very silly one. So silly its amazing that I’am writing about this at 11pm in my office while waiting for my shift to end.

Its about ‘ tudung ekin’ no offense to Mawi’s bride, but I keep wondering why the hell every damn head covering that’s ever invented in Malaysia needs to have an artiste name associated with it.. WHY?

I remember last raya, a friend had to do a story on what was popular among consumers doing their raya shopping at that time they had a scarf named after Siti Nurhaliza’s husband! Can you believe it? This only happens here ladies and gentlemen.Worst still can you imagine him in a headscarf hahahaha. Then there was the tudung ‘Wardina’ and the tudung ‘Diana’ and whatever not I’ve lost touch. ( a copy of the article is included at the end of this post for pleasurable reading! ;-)

The thing is, that particular style of headscarf that Mawi’s beloved is wearing has long been worn by women in Arab countries and I think the trend started in Malaysia let me see, maybe about two years back?

Mama, was so glad when she found them cause she hated ironing and this type of headscarf is really easy to wear and and makes you look polished without having to resort to finishing bottles of ironing spray. Its not ‘lembik’ and can be styled in a variety of ways.

We called it ‘Tudung Malas’ okayyy! granted it does not sound half as glamorous but I don’t think she started the trend - not that I’am anti her or anything its just - Sigh told you its a very silly post.

Nowadays, you can find it everywhere and on everyone it just annoys me! granted I’ve been guilty of wearing it myself because it is very very convenient - no need to fuss with pins especially when travelling and some of the styles really look great paired with a variety of tops its also great when paired with jeans too.

Maybe its just pregnancy hormones - Its a pretty ‘gila’ thing to be annoyed at. But I’am so there. Bluwek.

By Shuhada Elis 12/10/2007

KUALA LUMPUR: Traders are cashing in on the fame of songstress Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and husband Datuk Khalid Mohd Jiwa (Datuk K) to sell theirwares this festive season. Their names are being tagged to the tudung, which are selling like hotcakes.

The beaded tudung are sold at between RM25 and RM150. Stall owner Suariah Mat Amin, 34, said the tudung had been on themarket for more than a year but there was still a lot of demand for it. "We call it tudung Datuk K because the diamante patterns on the tudungare shaped like his moustache. The Datuk Siti tudung has a largerdiamante design," she said.

The tudung are divided into different grades, from A to C, depending onthe type of fabric and diamante pattern. Type A is the most expensive as the material comes from Japan. Suariah said traders had reduced prices to make the tudung more affordable. This Hari Raya Aidilfitri, the cheapest, and also the favourite among customers, is the tudung bawal Datuk K grade C. It is being sold at RM25 instead of RM35. Suariah said she had to double her stock in the past three weeks ascustomers from as far as Brunei and Indonesia had been flocking to her stall.

Monday, January 12, 2009

12 days into the New Year ;-)

So I didn’t blog about the New Year, I figured that everyone on this earth would probably have something to say about 2009 -- I didn’t want to add to the traffic.
Ushering in the new year with a big bang has never been one of my favourite things to do anyway, I’d rather spend it quietly with family or friends or with a good book. And yes I can hear you snoring ;-p but I don’t mind !!! and yes my feet were still extra swollen ( as you can see ) so I didn't feel like a walk to watch the fireworks either. So I literally put my feet up and just spent some quiet time with the H watching the Pirates trilogy!

Plus 2009 is definitely going to be a year of big changes for me so starting it rather quietly for the big things that are going to happen in a month or so -- felt right. Quiet is not a word I would use to describe work - as things are always changing - we had a big meeting last Friday and since I was already feeling a little low about work and had been having wayyyy too many serious discussions about it with the H ( would write more on this later) the meeting only managed to bring me down way below the scale.

One of my favourite pick me ups for a blue day is always facial MASKS. So I bought like belambak-lambak masks and because I was off for the weekend, had a very fun time applying them after Subuh prayers and just laying in bed and berguling -guling in the comforter. This sort of cheered me up a bit. I though that I might as well look good and glowing despite feeling kehilangan semangat sekejap!

Well I didn’t really start it out that quiet in terms of shopping. Erm been a bit of a naughty girl in that department ;-p I’ve been spoiling myself quite a bit with a loads of pedicures, manicures and hair treatment sessions. This I blame on the gazillion stretch marks that have appeared on convenient places making me look quite frankly like I had stayed with amazon warriors for a few months.
Talking about shopping I'am clearing out some stuff from my closet to make room for a little addition that I'am expecting soon, so I would be posting some piccs of the stuff ( I have not decided if it would be in a separate blog yet) in case anyone is interested to purchase them. Most of them are still in good condition and have been only used once or twice and I'am selling them cheap!! Mostly jewellery bags and shoes!
And I'll also be blogging about some of the interesting characters that I've met so far during the New Year. Till the next time I'am inspired Cya.