Thursday, November 29, 2007

light bulb moment

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually fear that you will make one - Elbert Hubbard.
I came across this quote when I was feeling a little bit down about work..thank you elbert for putting everything back into perspective, apparently the quote is even more famous than the person who wrote it because it appeared in The Notebook ( yes that really sappy movie, but it is kind of sweet)

* my writing of late has lost some of its edge, I dont even recognise whatever I'am trying to write anymore.

you know those time-outs that authors take to get a fresh perspective on things? * I think I'am in need of some of that time out.. ( yup even the chocolate bars!)

Is creativity something that you lose? like misplacing your car keys or a favourite shawl?
* sigghhh *

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

absence makes the heart grow fonder..

I havent been posting anything since January. With very valid reasons of course. In the space of 11 months - this is basically what I have been up to :-

1) I got married to my shadow - Afiko san @ Afiq hanif

2) I switched jobs - I now write to earn a living

3) I moved from Shah Alam to K.L so that I'am geographically nearer to my workplace.

4) I have been posting regular thoughts and reflections @ bitch fits on my friendster account.

5) I took some months before I adapted to my new job- because some things you have to learn the 'real' way

6) And no sorry no babies on the way yet. Insyallah maybe next year? we'll see ;-)

7) I do want to post something longer and nicer, as an introduction to this blog, but this serves as to why I havent written for a very long time.

8) the real reason is - i forgot the password for my account. (* delirious laughter*)

9) sorry cant help being a little tipsy/crazy and a little bit delusional despite my non-alcohol intake. Runs in the family outburts of moods. I'll be posting some of my articles and hubby's articles for you guys to check out and also some of my original musings sooonn.

10) I wont forget my password again. written it down. heh heh, XOXO