Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Its been six months *

Remember this?

ayra rayyan at six months * heart melts *

Ayra is now half a year. And how time flies. She can now gurgle and rolls all over the place and me and the H can finally have a proper conversation with her although most of the time we don’t understand anything she says. And when she’s in a good mood (well rested and kenyang) she is the most sweetest darling. (I guess every mom out there would probably say the same thing about their baby.)

I’ve only been a mommy for six months and that does not make me an expert in any way, but these are some of the things I wished someone had told me before I gave birth just to ease the little bit of shock to my system ;-)

Some girlfriends have been asking me for advice ( I don’t why since I feel like like such a klutz whenever I handle Ayra) and the family (both sides) and the internet were never short of tips and advice but the tips below are sort of my personal take on the motherhood thing especially for first timers - So here it is in no particular order :-

1) Learn to take a shower, put on your clothes and makeup all under 20 minutes because the baby WILL takeover all of your time, you can practice this while your pregnant. Pretend that your training for the amazing race.

2) Hold your ground and don’t get irritated when old well meaning relatives give you advice. AND there is going to be loadssss of antiquated advice. Just smile, pretend your ears went for a holiday and say repeat after me ‘ OOOOOO Tak tau punnnnnnn!!!

3). That fun "period" you get after you give birth? Don't worry, that's not your liver in the toilet. I actually called my mum to check.

4) Get rid of all your small cute handbags. Will never be used again for a while. So might as well make profit out of it. Invest in good big slouchy roomy bags that you can throw the kitchen sink in.

5) If you plan to breastfeed, its not going to be easy but persevere. The benefits are out of this world. Your boobs are going to be engorged and will look like something out of a fetish video but persevere persevere persevere, its easy and convenient when you go out all you need is a cover and your baby will have a supple and strong body.

6) Motherhood is a messy business. Baby sick seems to spurt everywhere and if you're breastfeeding you might suffer from a few leaks. Stock up with bibs, baby muslins and breast pads to mop up all the spillages . Stock up on Febreze, put one in the car in the house in your handbag if possible. ‘Little’ accidents happen when you least expect it.

7) Everyone will also try to squeeze in their two cents worth when the time comes to put your baby’s name in the birth certificate stick to your choice and your guns and practice your stiff upper lip. Unless of course you want your baby to have ten names.

8) Don’t worry if it seems like you can’t cope. Accept help. Don’t over analyse, have that piece of cake if you want to. During the first few weeks spoil yourself and be self-indulgent. You deserve it.

9) In your journey into motherhood you will invariable encounter the ‘dreaded competitive mum’. If irritated start making stuff up. Tell them your baby started muttering the phrase "Einstein was wrong" while sleeping.

10) Whenever you feel overwhelmed and on the verge of a mental breakdown. Stroke your baby’s cheeks. Inhale the sweet baby smell. Guaranteed to bring at least a faint smile to your lips. And nothing makes you look better than a smile.

11) The ‘yammy mammy’ thing ? All hype by celebrities and mammy’s with cash to burn and a hundred personal assistants you don’t have to live up to that ideal.