Tuesday, August 16, 2011

July baby :)

*Flexes fingers and blows dust * I noticed there were no entries last month. Lets just say a truckload of things happened and I just did not have the luxury to sit down and put my thoughts together.

July will always be sort of special, because I get older, my sister Naa gets older, my marriage gets older :P and I try my very best to wiggle presents out of everybody. * ahem joke*  or at least a meal. * ini macam tak berapa joke * haha.

So basically that’s what I did, and here is the proof in no particular order.

ahem. I turned 28. FYI my mama always insists on birthday cakes for every birthday. These were red velvet and peanut buttered flavored with rich butter cream. It also managed to stay on my waistline for two months -_- 
Mama's sauteed mushrooms are so sedap sehingga menjilat jari. This contributes to the huge-ness of my arms and my comfy cushion-y behind -_-
Roast Chicken and Pasta Salad. All my fav's on my birthday please. Nothing more Nothing less. I'm bratty that way :P

and yes there were people and not only food. excuse my om nom nom expression. Or is it my bossy expression? I was probably ordering someone to give me the cake knife pronto. Btway now this pic looks like Ayra is celebrating HER birthday.
My baby sister Naa also turned 18. She looks like she's blowing candles but there is no candles? HAHAHA. and I really don't know why Mama has pursed lips also. :P
Mi familia love.
Ayra likes to sit by the stairs and babble. She has this thing of wanting to go upstairs only when everyone starts eating. Only two and she's trying to be ironic :P 
we all accidentally wore the same colour. I SWEAR.
My mommy and miss 18-year-old.

The Bro's :PP
The H dragged me to some blogger award event he was covering in Sentul, at the same time he was reviewing the new Nikon DSLR the result instant photo-shoot pwoar!!
Cam-whored near a tong sampah.Go figure.
the nice view at that sentul park place. Its a bercinta-cinta place, but also a nice park to bring the kiddos for a nice run around to make them sleep better at night *ahem coughs*
adalah wajib to get a photo with the camera guy who is nice enough to lug around your huge handbag :P
Camera-man went to a working trip to freaking TOKYO and I will be eternally jealous until I set foot there myself. I didn't slave around belajar nihon-go in college for nuthin.
When he got back just to be annoying I forced him to take me for a sushi meal. Note the devilish expression.
And I practically licked those plates clean.
So yeah a lot happened in July. And a lot has also been happening in August. And I'm about a month late. Well am slow like that. Excuse the slew of pictures please I was feeling a lil bloggerish -_-.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Four Years with Muhammad Afiq Hanif.

I forget sometimes that we have been married for four years. Time flies when you're having fun they say (or are in the midst of torturing someone)  :p

They tell me I'm spoiled rotten by you. They tell me I'm so lucky to have you. And yet  I insist on being a tad annoying and weirdly random and crazy when I'm around you.

And then I just tell them : Of course tengoklah siapa yang pilihhhhh :p

From this silly post I bet you can tell that I love you of course and I hope that Allah permits for us to spend many more Ramadhan's together insyallah. 

Ini gambar orang mengamuk dan tidak puas hati setelah dibawa memanjat bukit bukau bagai pada hari lahir. Pada waktu kejadian mangsa memakai sepatu yang baru dibeli terima kasih :P
Four years is only the beginning no ? ;-0