Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Life Lessons from Ayra Rayyan (2) Be Kind and Compassionate and if you are its not a weakness

Ayra is an angry bird * occasionally * :)
The lil missy has a nasty little habit she picked up from Daddy. She has finally jumped on the bandwagon of crazy angry bird fans.

(I’m so not pleased daddyyyy!!)
anyways I never bother to see what she was doing while she was playing the game, I assume she was playing it like she did any other ehem “educational game” on the I POD touch.

She usually does not need much guidance, and I let her figure it out herself unless she asks.

One day I saw the H trying to coach her while she was in the zone with the game.

H: Ayra kena baling arah sini la

A: nooooooooooooo.

H: Kalau tak baling nanti  tak menang cham mane balloon hijau (code name for green pig) tu nak meletup?

A: Tak Nakkkk.

H: *facepalm* aiseh.

When I walked over to see, Ayra was instead catapulting those angry birds on the other side instead of hitting the green pigs.

And how those green pigs laughed at her and she laughed as well.

So I asked : Ayra salah lah kena baling kena balloon hijau.

Ayra: pain sakit shiannnnnnn balloona ( her word for balloons)
She was confident that if she hit the pigs it would be painful for them and  because she didn’t hit them that’s why they laughed.

Am sorry if this sounds gushing, but how a child’s mind works never fails to amaze me.