Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'am not SKINNY

I was never the SKINNY girl gone fat. May I emphasize on the word NEVER.

I was always a chubby baby up to my swinging early twenties. The gene pool was something of a kind or cruel mix, ( which ever you prefer) I was always 'soft and all woman' right up to my b&b's .

Boys were a pest in the early acne ridden years oh and girls too for that matter.

They would tell me stupid things of how I should hunch because my two friends sticked out. No one apparently was aware of good posture. Everyone termed it as " jalan mendada" * rolls eyes* and you were ostracised because of it. No sane girl wanting to be popular should ever be friends with you.

Boys on the other hand would give me such comments that I would need to somehow fix myself (meaning physically) and change my personality ( stop having reading books and speaking English too much) so that I would blend in more. ( eyes now rolling out of my sockets.)

The joys of public schools cannot be denied. Thank god there was a decent library and there were numerous exits were I could escape when school and the people in it got on my nerves ( Ayra! this is NOT a good example!) :P

Funny thing is  same people who made my teenage life hell now want to be  friends of Facebook, (err yes you want to see how much I've grown have you!? sheesh)

Anyways back to the topic- people would often describe me as the 'chubby weird girl' or if ever there was a compliment  it would be oh she's 'cute' which is a code for I don't know which category to put you in, but I don't want to be mean so 'cute' it is!!

It didn't help that malay relatives can be a tad anal sometimes. My sister and me we were built differently and comparisons happened. My insecurities became worst.

I'am not  SKINNY. I'am normal sized.

In college, in the faculty that I was in emphasize was given on how you look on the outside, everyone I knew was watching what they ate. ( well most of them anyway) Funny thing was I met the H because we both liked food so much and when everyone was busy dieting so that it could fit into skinny jeans, I was going on food dates with the future H.

And then it was the WEDDING. The person sewing my dress said " Kakak kena slim sikit nanti baju yang design ni tak cantik" I was about 54kg at that time.

SO there was going to be only one wedding, I dieted for a few months. I ate soup and only water and had yoghurt for breakfast. I was angry and crabby but I was wearing a size 26 jeans and was a small 49kg's.

Then the honeymoon phase started. I became a little too happy we went on food trails whatever I lost I gained. Then my career started and I began to lose weight again because I was so depressed. Then I began comfort eating gained again.

Ayra happened and well during the pregnancy I was a rollling crabby peeing 75 kg ball of nerves.

Lost it again breasfeeding. Then gained it again due to stress. SO frankly am tired you know. Am just plain tired.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Haji Lane is my kind of lane

It was a usual stressful week, when the H announced he was assigned for a work trip to Singapore for a few days, it was the icing to  the cake. SO I membebeled till the cows came home.

" Right u know its dewan week? macam mana schedule Ayra kena rearrange, its the middle of the week bagusla bagusla pening la kepala yana macam ni WHY do u have to go every MONTH? bla bla bla"

After listening patiently  the H said the most wonderful words a stressed journo mommy can hear : Ikutla kita still ada autopass we drive in after Dewan on Thursday and then can go check out H& M kedai Hina dan Murah hahahahah ok jangan marah lagi!

Lepas tu saya senyum meleret leret leret sampai telinga. But because we have travelled to Singers a few times we were running out of places to go, I turned to trusty google for some other options. And Haji Lane popped out.

The description read : This tiny lane, hidden away in the heart of the Muslim quarter, is a fashionista's paradise. With very little fanfare, the collection of narrow shop-houses have, in less than a year, been transformed into an aggressively hip retail stretch recalling Le Marais in Paris or New York's Meatpacking District.

Know It Nothing is a stylish industrial space that stocks beautifully tailored dress shirts stitched with silver skull buttons by Japanese label Garni. Next, pop into Pluck for its shabby chic collection of Austin Powers–inspired cushion covers and a cute ice-cream parlor.

A few doors down, Salad boasts a range of home accessories like laser-cut table mats and Hong Kong–based Carrie Chau's quirky postcards. If you're feeling peckish, have an authentic Middle Eastern lunch around the corner at Cafe le Caire.

*grins* the description was spot on!  Haji Lane is a shopping paradise especially for those who have a liking for quirky stuff, I loved it!
We didn't go to many places since it was a weekend and a bit crowded. H&M was the worst. I coudnt breathe let alone shop. SO it was Haji Lane and just enjoying the hotel facilities. Which was a nice break from the daily routine, here are the piccies, I didnt upload them on FB since they are a lot of Singapore pictures there are already. IF any of you shopaholics are heading down to Singers do give this quaint lane a visit I am definitely coming back! 
The view from our room we were on the 47th floor. It was nice but I secretly wish that we had more of a sea view, and not so much of buildings. Well beggars can't be choosers!
Ayra and Me I know what she is thinking, mama is such a poser! LOL

The infinity pool. The is actually a gap for the water to fall through and also a little space built in at the bottom in case of accidents. The H who is afraid of heights checked it out just so everyone was safe LOL
Something is wrong with my hijab I look like my head is stuffed  or something. Ayra looks like a seasoned traveller with her brochure and all

The Sultan Mosque near Arab street, the architecture of the mosque is old school.

A little cafe in Kampong Glam. Gotta love the name!
Haji Lane independent boutiques me loves!

view of haji lane

We headed for Kartika's wedding the very next day!

Congratulations Kartika Amri! :)