Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Daddy loves Ayra Rayyan.

I actually wanted to post a birthday dedication for Ayra on the date itself. Tapi I was so busy with her birthday preparations I forgot. SO here it goes two months late but straight from the heart.

I want you to know,  three years ago that when the doctor fished you out of me and after I groggily kissed you, I wanted to passed out. I think they wheeled you out for Daddy to azankan.

Next thing I knew I was in the observation ward as my blood pressure had spiked way past the normal limit, and the doctors were sort of worried that I was losing a lot of blood. I insisted to the nurse to see Daddy because I was scared. And you want to know what was the first words daddy told me about you?

He said, Ayra ( we had chosen your name when you were about six months in my tummy) is beautiful. Mata sepet but sangat cantik, sangat perfect and he cried a bit.

And I would never ever forget that moment.

So in case when you grow older, and when he scolds you about wearing looser clothes, covering yourself, checks all of your social networking accounts and gives you a super early curfew and is being mean to all of your guy friends, I want you to remember this.

I want you to know that he loves you like no other guy can ever love you EVER.

Even know, he watches you when you're asleep, thinks you're the funniest person he has ever met and constantly tells you how comel you are despite you being busuk masam baru bangun tidur and naughty and annoying at times.

SO happy being three years old sweets. Don't hate daddy when you turn thirteen ok? Even when he is being weird, because he can be so weird sometimes hahaha.

Mama :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Phuket Experience ( Day Two )

Comfortable shoes an essential part of a fun-filled trip. Kalau salah pilih kasut will result in a very cranky me, a very annoyed H and a blissfully unaware Miss Ayra
Patong beach was within walking distance of the Hotel, but I preferred the island beaches this one was way crowded. and over exposed. But when it is kind of empty during lunch hours it is kinda of pretty.
I requested to visit this old building refurbished into a restaurant. I like old buildings. A good place to write a story always.
THE HOUSE, isn't it beautiful and oh so grand. The settings of a novel so pretty!!
the grounds of the house. macam boleh berjalan-jalan bercinta-cinta pakai baju cantik cantik LOL :P duduk bawah payung have a picnic recite poems. Ok too much I know. ends.
Official Vehicle dengan nama macam kalau Ayra addresses my papa: Tukkkk oooo Tukkkkk. Ha lebih kurang cham tu la. Suka sangat dua beranak pimpin tangan
Dah sampai zoo. I was actually suprised ada zoo. Lagi suprised with the statues. Ayra kept pointing at them and telling me that ' crocodile got nenen mama' *facepalm*  
Elephants!! this one shy shy and just wanted his awesome behind to be photographed
Finally scouted for some rasuah and she decided to layan me! Looks like she is smiling kan?
Ayra finished a bottle of mineral water weather memang panas island weather!
I could not resist posting this excuse all of your sensibilities LOL.
Ice cream to end the trip

Ok this actually only the first part of day two. So till the second part of day two! :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Phuket Experience ( Day One)

Miss Princess Monkey with her welcome drink at the resort

I had wanted to blog about the trip earlier but as usual the work schedule has been tight and by the time I reach home there is hardly time for anything else. Actually this trip was last minute as usual and prior to this me and the H were arguing on where we should go. We were planning a trip but kept disagreeing about the destination(also a usual occurence) until after almost two weeks of no progress I gave up and told him that I really did not have the mood to go anywhere if we kept having  different ideas!

So when I was least expecting it he called me up excitedly the week before and told me that he had scored really cheap tickets to Phuket. And he had booked with MAS.

At first I was sceptical. Err Phuket? land of cabaret and tiger shows?! Are you serious?! But because I was just happy that the ticket prices were a steal at RM1600 for return air tickets for all three of us. I began my research and started planning our activities.

Then it dawned on me OH MY GOD. I was going to have authentic TOMYAM. This was enough for me and I started to get excited, besides the pictures of the really beautiful islands of course : p

It has sort of become our little family ritual now. We fight about where to go and the budget. The H will finally pick out a destination a week or few days before  and I will start planning the activities. In the future hopefully we would at least have a clue two weeks before tee hee.

Anyways I'll let the pictures do the talking eh?

The Red Travelling bag. We are not light travellers unfortunately!  

Ayra enjoying the in-flight entertainment. She loves headphones. 
My favourite view. Its very calming and reminds me of Allah and how small we are.
Phuket Island aerial view.

Upon arriving at Phuket International Airport. Ayra is excited and I dont't remember what I was looking at ! LOL
Ban Lai Mai Resort. Convenient location which was within walking distance to Patong Beach and a  night market. Took us an hour to get there from the airport.

Had dinner at a nearby Muslim stall frequented by our guide PokHim Ayra still as problems with the peace sign tee hee.

TOMYAM yang authentic dan sangat sedap sigh I miss it already.
The Bathroom in our room, I was quite disappointed that It had no bathtub! But I was glad that  they had  good mirrors! LOL
view of the pool from the room
Ok then till day two!