Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Phuket Experience ( Day Two )

Comfortable shoes an essential part of a fun-filled trip. Kalau salah pilih kasut will result in a very cranky me, a very annoyed H and a blissfully unaware Miss Ayra
Patong beach was within walking distance of the Hotel, but I preferred the island beaches this one was way crowded. and over exposed. But when it is kind of empty during lunch hours it is kinda of pretty.
I requested to visit this old building refurbished into a restaurant. I like old buildings. A good place to write a story always.
THE HOUSE, isn't it beautiful and oh so grand. The settings of a novel so pretty!!
the grounds of the house. macam boleh berjalan-jalan bercinta-cinta pakai baju cantik cantik LOL :P duduk bawah payung have a picnic recite poems. Ok too much I know. ends.
Official Vehicle dengan nama macam kalau Ayra addresses my papa: Tukkkk oooo Tukkkkk. Ha lebih kurang cham tu la. Suka sangat dua beranak pimpin tangan
Dah sampai zoo. I was actually suprised ada zoo. Lagi suprised with the statues. Ayra kept pointing at them and telling me that ' crocodile got nenen mama' *facepalm*  
Elephants!! this one shy shy and just wanted his awesome behind to be photographed
Finally scouted for some rasuah and she decided to layan me! Looks like she is smiling kan?
Ayra finished a bottle of mineral water weather memang panas island weather!
I could not resist posting this excuse all of your sensibilities LOL.
Ice cream to end the trip

Ok this actually only the first part of day two. So till the second part of day two! :)

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