Monday, June 28, 2010

False alarm sayang.

I would like to happily report that the red alert was a false alarm.

So I was cranky for about ten days and then it came and the cramps hurt so bad, that I wish it had actually stayed away hahahaha.

On the plus point I feel a little less bloated and like everything has been drained out of my system which is good so let this be a reminder for me to keep it healthy.

Currently I am looking forward to my trip to visit Emil which is happening in a week or so but am kind of not so excited that I would have very minimal to spend. Considering that I already used half of my salary to pay bills, I would probably have to be very stingy with my moolah. So no shopping only sightseeing, It will be interesting to see how I will manage that.

Oh and no birthday celebrations either, since the H just blankly told me " Eh trip ni your bithday pressie la" Huh? Okay. ( wallowing in self-pity mode) and the conversation went like this

Me: But masa tu kita tak pegi lagi, my birthday is here lah ( thinking he forgot the dates)

H : Memang la kat Malaysia tapi celebrate kat Wales lah.

Me : Kenapeeeeeeeee? kita kan kat sini ( cannot percaya tone)

H : Sebab trip ni la u punya present ( accompanied by evil smile) kan?

Me : Hmmmm. Hmmm. thanks but we will be here on that day kan? ( dengan muka tak tau malu)

H : alah takpayah la.... just celebrate there ( still muka buat buat tak paham)

Me : ( malas nak argue punya mode) Hemph. whatever.

So yeah. I know I know am spoiled rotten. So what I LIKE being spoiled by my significant other. I cannot believe that my adoring husband ( heheheh last attempt nak bodek) does not want to change his mind of maybe just having a nice makan? ;-)))))

Will report if this post actually worked! ;-))

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Red alert

Yes I admit it is getting dusty in here, I blame it on time constraints, flue bugs and Ayra's tendency to love the laptop whenever she sees it sitting on top of my lap. Then its bye bye blog and hello elmo youtube videos.

Besides absence does make the heart grow fonder no? ;-)

Well I here I go writing yet again about my missing monthly friend. Its not here yet and am a bit worried. Its been a week now, but I'm scared to death to bring myself to the pharmacy to get the bloody (pun intended) clearblue pee stick.

The thing is - okay I'am using the conventional method of protection as any sort of foreign thing in my body and hormone pills freak me out, am already chubby as it is and I don't really need the extra weight. (yes am still vain its a vice kill me)

The good doctor did warn me that I could not get preggers until Ayra was about two, because I had a caesarean delivery and because they cut me up like seven layers down so that has got to heal first. And if there was a pregnancy, because of my size it would be a very risky one and they might have to cut me up again.

That was suppose to scare me into getting the pills or the stupid rod inserted right, but no, and here I'am still dilly dallying about the pee-stick, and scared out of my mind that it might have the faintest positive sign.

I have been reasoning with myself that I couldnt be as I dont feel weird or sick or anything like that. This was because when I was preggers with Ayra I sort of knew a month before I took the test, well and I did'nt even show until about my sixth month.

But then every pregnancy is different, which means I need to get the pee stick fast. ;p

And If am not that means an appointment with the gynae is long-overdue and If I'am err my blog entries will probably be more regular ;p