Friday, February 29, 2008

dont la be shy!

I’ve had a long daayyyy. My assgment today was to hunt for leap year babies *Sighs* Easy I
thought,( my arrogance surfaces sometimes), so I trotted to a few hospitals in K.L only to be told that these parents don’t feel like being interviewed lah, malulah, dont want their pictures taken lah. I tell you for all the background discussions we as malaysians have during our makan time, mention a reporter and everything turns down a notch. Halo - I’am not working for the Malaysian CIA. ( Although I have feelings of mass destruction sometimes--- does not mean that I dissect everything that comes into my radar. I wanted to do a story on babies laaaaaaah. Ish. Sometimes our culture of ‘maluness’ annoys me like hell.

Monday, February 25, 2008


On Work

Truth is I’am tired - and this related to my pre-election post. I feel like throwing in the towel and quitting. And maybe the truth is I can’t write to save my life. This is because no matter how well you think you can do something maybe you can’t.
And no matter how hard you try to prove something - its just a lost cause. I as usual have no one and on some days it just gets to me, the hopelessness of it all.

On election matters

It was my first time witnessing what actually happens on nomination day, ( I was covering for the Titiwangsa constituency), I did a story on one of the candidates - One of the seniors did a story on the other candidate. I will try to post more stories that I think will be of interest. Tell me what you think- Vasu who is very senior and experienced political writer helped me with this story.

Pas turns to woman to take on BN in `tough' Titiwangsa ( this was the headline)

KUALA LUMPUR: One man after another from Pas has failed to bring down theBarisan Nasional in Titiwangsa. Now the party is unleashing a woman to attack the Umno fortress.
The party has put its faith in its women's chief, Dr Lo'Lo' MohdGhazali. Why this sudden preference for the fairer sex?
In past elections, women had kept their distance from the Pascandidates. This time, the party hopes a woman will bring in the votesfrom the women. However, Dr Lo'Lo' is playing down gender. "I am not campaigning as a woman but as a Pas leader," she said, while emphasising that she had the credentials worthy of any man.
The Kuala Kangsar born's father is the former Perak mufti, DatukMohamad Ghazali Abdullah. A medical doctor, she served at government hospitals for six years before entering into private practice.
She was unveiled as the party's candidate on Tuesday night after a fiery ceramah by Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang. Dr Lo'Lo' said Titiwangsa folk should give her a chance. "Being a doctor, I deal with people on an everyday basis. So, I wouldbe able to voice my constituents' concerns better." Although upbeat about her chances, the doctor is realistic aboutwinning. "It might be difficult but not impossible," she said of her chances

Maybe - I just need a change of a scenes, a refresher? Maybe I need a new life!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Have a say in who governs us!

Thoughts on the upcoming general elections - ;-)

Elections - is something that I never really bothered with, call me an irresponsible Malaysian citizen - truthfully I didn’t really give a damn. I was young and foolish and I couldn’t vote so I didnt bother. Fast forward a few years, now that I’am working in one of the lines that practically put’s me at the forefront of all this mess they call the general elections , I’am slowly regretting my ignorance.

Words like ‘ seat ; no longer just means a place to sit, it now means electing someone responsible enough to voice out your concerns as a rakyat to the parliament . I know of parliamentary seats and state seats - of campaigns manifesto’s and what not. And I even went to my first political ceramah since 1998 (hint hint) .

I even talked to a few people who were ( should I use the past tense?) Since the parliament was dissolved about a week ago? Never mind- members of parliament.. Let me tell you - what an interesting bunch of people -- we’ve got in there voicing out our concerns. To tell you the truth , I have big concerns about the people we as the rakyat are putting in power.

Lets just say that recent events have really opened my eyes on what really is happening behind the scenes - and when everything went a little berserk in 1998 I still feel what I believed to be true was right. Everything I’ve witnessed to this day has confirmed something that I’ve suspected has been happening - propaganda’s can sometimes be rooted in truth. Sometimes it defeats the purpose of me trying to be objective because I cant believe some of the things that are said, opinions, suggestions issues.

This is my first time voting- the irony is I don’t think I could steal some time to go off to Shah Alam and vote when I really want to change the scene a bit. Kesian- and here I am all spirited on wanting to exercise my right, and my first time too (work commitments especially during this time have me glued to my chair at work endlessly keying in information and churning out stories)

So just a note to my fellow Malaysians, voters or non voters - exercise your right or maybe just familiarise yourself with the scene - have a say on who governs us. Take a look at the issues - there are certainly urgent issues that need to be addressed in this country , and by having more young voices out there, just maybe we would be able to affect change :-) and if you dont like what happens in the next four years -- change the scene again. Its healthy changes.

So what side of the fence I’am rooting for? If you’ve read between the lines carefully enough I think you’ll get a hint. Ha.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

City of Love?

There was this article in the newspaper - that stated proudly as a headline -Malacca - City of Love

Malacca is one of the places in my country that I love, simply because its very old. And WhenI say old I mean ancient.

There's a certain charm about old places, since there are many stories just lurking everywhere you turn.

and there have been many stories and historical accounts written about it however my favourite read is in a site maintained by Sabri Zain, on the history of the Malay Peninsula.

you can go check out his site - which has an easy to read account of Malacca history, the ancient kingdoms, parameswara, puteri gunung ledang, Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat~ it beats reading boring history books and once you're read through I'am sure you will be planning a trip to Melaka bandaraya bersejarah soon!

you can access the site by googling Sejarah Melayu or Sabri Zain. His site is linked to his wife's site which features beautiful photographs of Malaya in the old days.

for students who are learning Malaysian history this is a good site to get an overview of things, and the images are also pretty cool as well. ( well to me at least)

Happy reading! XOXO

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

discovering fishbowls

us in front of the dubai museum ( pls forgive my geekiness I had to check out the museum) which is pretty cool because its partly underground) they also have previews of bedouin culture which is quite informative and simple to understand. ( not sure if this is the correct spelling) told you I was weird.

- the picture is of a pashmina shawl my parents bought in the old souq in Dubai. I loved the pattern which is a traditional ancient paisley pattern originating from Pakistan -

I'am on a four day break that started on tuesday and will end on friday... ( huge sighs) I havent been regularly posting - since my machine in the office is so near to the editors desk ( where they sit high up on their thrones staring at their pc in all seriousness when I actually think their checking out their facebook profiles. ( gahhhhh ;-) ) I mean you cant actually be serious all the time? bleurgh, changes have been going on the office and everyone is adjusting to the new regime! heh. Me included. I of course am always outside of the fishbowl. I try to fit in sometimes~ tapi i guess I'am just too weird. They have put in the education beat...mainly because I think they have no idea whatsoever of where to actually 'buang' me since my bylines have been very slow and I've written on very diverse subjects. (eh I can go on on and on about this so I will)

The problem is I have no one to look out for me there. The problem about favouritism is no matter how hard you deny you're being bias - you always are. Let me illustrate - you choose your friends right? and you always seem to have a favourite one that you feel most comfortable with. Its just how people react to people.

Sometimes you easily click with someone - at other times you have to try a little bit harder- and sometimes even if you try your hardest - you cant even click at all- I'am not agonizing over my fate here. I'am just trying to explain why these things happen. It just does. And its okay if I have no one to look out for me. maybe its one of these trials thing that make you a better person by the end of it.

Any maybe I'am not trying hard enough in putting myself out there - to be more assertive to promote my ideas - in order for my career to flourish so to speak. But I just cant push myself of the edge for some reason-----I cant conform to other people's aspirations and ideas of what should be done or what to write about to be on the map. I dont why but I just cant.

I guess the root of the matter is the voice, which has always been sort of a gift and a curse all in one. I was teased terribly about it since I was young and not many people can appreciate it - I still get those 'kesiannyer' comments which make me wnt to physically hurl something hard at the person's head.

So the insecurities manifest itself sometimes, I get scared to communicate my ideas because I figure people would just concentrate on the unimportant things. I have had this happen so many times especially when I meet new people I just stay queit so that my voice doesnt define who I am. Oh well.

maybe this is not what i'am suppose to be doing in my life. I'am so confused.

there is a lyric in a song that I like by James Morrison that aptly describes what is happening right now and it goes something like this

I'am not lost - I'am not lost - just undiscovered.