Saturday, December 27, 2008

Comfortable Toes.

I can't see my toes anymore, my toes and the rest of what's under me, have effectively been obscured frm my sight now that I'am in my eighth month of pregnancy!! ( which of course calls for more pedicure sessions since I can't see them that means I can't clean them properly and the vain pot in me would not step out with icky toes!) heheheh also I just love a good pedicure session! And the only shoes I can manage to wear now are only open toed flats and flip flops which are about two sizes bigger because my feet tend to get swollen so much.

Its funny how when I first discovered that I was pregnant, I swore that I would not let myself go and just continue to be the vainpot that I'am. I swore that I was going to be one of those hip fashionable pregnant ladies and just sashay all fashionably perfect throughout my pregnancy. God of course had other plans and I guess wanted me to eat some humble pie.

The first few months were difficult for me to even get up from bed, as I had bad morning sickness sessions, and it took a lot of effort just to get dressed. I wore a lot of kurungs and no makeup and everyone who knew me well thought that I was going to expect a boy the way I was not in the mood for 'anything'.

I just wanted to sleep and lie down most of the time since my body ached so much and the rest of me just refused to function the way I wanted it to function! When I entered my fifth and sixth month I began to discover small little things that could still make me look a little human like the ' malas tudung' ( like the one I'am wearing in the picture I posted that's my brother Illias btway.) as my mama calls it.. which I could just snap on whenever I needed to go out. And I slowly began to incorporate small little dressy comfortable things -- - in the end what was most important was COMFORT!
Not to say that you can't be fashionable while your preggers, but torturing yourself and your body and putting your unborn baby at risk just to achieve that standard is certainly not worth it. I have yet to take pictures of some of the comfortable dressy things that you can incorporate into your wardrobe while preggers..but as soon as I can manage it I'll post them here!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Eating for two.

This is i think my second time blogging about my pregnancy ( I know I’am being very inconsistent) tapi its just that I can’t really lug the laptop bag around and of course everyone who knows me well enough knows that what a big procrastinator I can be.

I’am now in my seventh month well to be exact I’am 7 and half months pregnant and I look like the world. I’ve been good right up until my sixth month, when I started to go to all this weddings and believing that I should be ‘ eating for two’ when my OB and gynae already warned me that this was a load of crap and that I should stick to normal eating patterns but instead to choose healthier foods and avoid foods that might harm the baby.

I had my usual monthly checkup the other day and Dr Mazita almost fainted with the sudden spurt of weight gain. Normally my maximum gain would be about 2kgs a month but this time I gained almost 3kgs. I managed to mumble that It was Raya Haji and that I had been to a lot of weddings ( all the nasi minyak and ayam masak merah...howlah to avoid?) All the while ignoring the hubby’s all knowing I told you so face.

He proceeded to ‘mengadu’ to the doc that I was lazy in popping my vitamins, did not drink my milk regularly and had too much ice cream and cookies, while I was trying very hard to channel my inner saint and to look really innocent.

Dr Mazita being the darling that she is proceeded to give me a lecture on how I should try to maintain my weight now since I was not very tall and that more sudden weight gain can lead to complications in birth as my pelvic bone might not be big enough to handle the process or something like that.

Oh dear.
So right now I’am trying to go back to my normal eating habits and am trying very hard to avoid fast foods and sweet things. ( although I did cheat a little because afiko came back from an assignment with M&M’s and I COULD NOT RESIST).

All the horror stories on how difficult labor can be is also so ingrained in my mind that I’am determined that I won’t further complicate matters by being stubborn. ( which is a common family trait or so afiko tells me)

Another highlight of this month was the 3D scan we had of the baby, which was nothing short of a miracle. I of course went through the whole process very macho-ly at first and remained excited throughout the day - but when it came to isha prayers and subuh prayers the next day I started being an emotional basket case worried sick that I won’t be able to be a good parent -- -- --
By the way the picture at the top is a 3d scan visual of a very cute baby smiling. But its not mine. I've decided to keep mine private until its time.....