Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Foot Steps.

Lavi - my fabulous lunch partner ;-) office's annual dinner
my must have drink

also our jalan jalan cari makan partners and comrades;-)

credits to Cik Sai - the H and Me


AYRA at OPAHMA's place conquering the telly while reading a book at the same time!

Ayra with her Bestie.

the first pic, the H took with the cam. After sending Tok for Umrah.

this are just some of the piccies as promised.
just some little pieces here and there.

Sweat and Tears and Smiles.

Yes its a pink camera. Please excuse the frivolousness of it all and allow me my silly and barbie like indulgences.

I've wanted a canon IXUS camera for a long time, but have managed to curb myself and convince myself that it wasn't that important to splurge on such an item.

Anyway am pretty happy with my purchase and that I no longer have to bother the H to upload piccies for me as its pretty user friendly.

Am also super glad that now I would be able to post more pictures in this blog, without hounding my sister and the H for pictures from their cammies.

Its not a new hobby or anything- am no expert photographer, I usually don't really bother about the finer details like the apertures and such when snapping photos what I basically wanted was to capture memories and moments in my life.

That is all

I've posted most of the pictures snapped using the camera by yours truly and the H in the new post below ;-)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Losing our MUCHNESS.

The H's trip to Beijing this week is affecting my mental state.

I do hope that this post does not potray me as being needy clingy or obsessive.


The truth is just plain and simple.

Which is I will miss him. No matter how much I ' dera' him, I will miss him because no else puts up with my nonsense and hyper active hormones like this dude does.


My family will beg to differ of course. But this is for another post at another time during one of my more stable mental state. ;-p

And because we all share a bed, its going to be difficult for me to put the lil one to sleep, because she is used to having daddy on the right side of the bed.She will roll and roll and fidget until she finds a comfy spot next to him.

So I will have to force either Iman or Naa to sleep with us until the H comes back.

I hope this works. Ayra does not fall for tricks easily.


On a more feminist note, I do vow to have fun when he is away which includes indulgent pampering to return my mental state to excellent health, and to cure my weary tired bones on your budget of course hehe.

Happy holidays H. We will hold the fort but we won't promise that we wont paint it RED! nya nya.

Monday, March 1, 2010


My husband exasperates me.

He stays in the toilet too long. He wakes up late, but can wake up early for football matches. He has to have teh tarik and roti canai for breakfast at least three times a week.

He wears a Manchester United jersey every weekend to every date. He tortures Mocha ( my sister’s cat) and can have an entire conversation by saying ‘ hem’.


For all these NINE years that I have known him, whatever I have done, how silly I have been how absurd my actions can be, the hurtful comments that I give, he has always been there.

And when I was sick after delivering Ayra, puking in the toilet and there was blood all over the place, he bathed me everyday I was in the hospital and a week after that.

My perfect punching bag, (eh sometimes I’m his cute punching bag too!)

If I need him he is there. If I want him he’s there neither, he's there. He is always there.

I’m sometimes scared of the future as nothing is certain except death.

But insyallah I pray that something will always be certain. That he will always be the one.

Happy Birthday H. Love you macam truckloads gila banyak kot.
tee hee.

Dont cha all feel warm and fuzzy now?