Monday, July 23, 2012

The proposal :)

This is a fact.  My husband never proposed to me. We talked about marriage. But no proposals. Surprised?

There are of course perfect proposals, the ones greatly orchestrated by the guy of course to convince the girl to spend the rest of her life with him.

There was nothing like that for us. Nothing grand or unusual. No flowers or rings. No youtube videos or songs or poems.

The thing is I never needed convincing, I was sort of convinced that he was never ever going to leave and he was going to be permanently stuck with me. Like it or not. Well god willing of course.

In fact I sort of proposed to him after we finished our degree. We sat in his very normal car (a red beat up kancil) on a weekend, and I just blurted something along these lines.

So b, I need to know ni, you nak kahwin dengan yana tak? Sebab kalau taknak baik cakap awal-awal You know so yana tak buang masa and I really malas nak cari anyone else, and well we better get engaged or something or so you know the family will know we are sort of serious ke apa ke.

* cricket sounds *

Outside I was all cool and steely looking. Inside if he had said no I would have turned out a mess.

Finally after what seemed forever, he said “ ok nanti b cakap dengan mama”

And that was that. That is my proposal story!

He was at that time working crazy hours in TV3 and I was working with a salary of only RM1000 a month.
But we managed, when we plan something good and ask for Allah to bless us, the rezeki will come. This is something I firmly believe in.

We did not have a fancy schazmy wedding. No elaborate before and after photo shoots. Just the necessary. Five years down the line, I'm very happy that I was the one who proposed, I did not even think it was a big deal at the time.

People seem to think otherwise. Their mouths form a big huge O and they go YOU PROPOSED?!

Yeah I did and I'am very happy with my choice. Yes I'm a girl but no big deal seriously. I would like to advice other girls to do the same. Just ask you never know what's in store.

And if you feel nervous,  remember according to Sirah, it was Khadijah who proposed marriage to the younger Prophet Muhammad, (PBUH) she being about the age of 40 and he 25. She and Muhammad were married in 595 C.E., a marriage that lasted for about 25 years until her death. She was the great love of his life, and he did not take another polygynous wife until after her death.

:) so if you have a special someone. Take the first step, and if he does not agree do not be disappointed. After all Allah knows best. :)  Alhamdullilah I got really lucky. Happy anniversary H another post about you such a lucky husband you are :P