Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First ever mommy on a budget style post :)

I enjoy dressing up. There is something about putting together an outfit that makes me feel happy for no particular reason at all. I'am not claiming to be fashionable, I have a few hit and misses here and there, its just something I enjoy that takes me away from the daily stress.

But being a mommy on a budget, I can't really splurge because well I have other commitments :) So am always on the look out for a good bargain. I'am going to start these series of post where I post outfit snaps of yours truly just to keep track of whats in my wardrobe.

Or maybe hopefully inspire other mommies on a budget that a particular item need not be expensive to look good :) 

I am also in the process of curating the wardrobe with more quality pieces that will last for years to come instead of buying new clothes that will go out of style in a few months. 

SO here it goes * shy shy cat * 

Excuse the makeup-less face. wearing a super large pashmina from jusco, my casio vintage watch warehouse shirt  I grabbed on sale. warehouse would be too expensive for my budget otherwise and a cotton jersey  skirt also from sale by nicole. :) this is a typical work outfit for me! Also please excuse the state of my room. We were moving at that point and everything is was ermmm still is in a blardy MESS. :( 

The white shirt and the skirt are my basics and I pair them with almost everything. I also like the odd combo of blue and brown :P

Okay this did not go so bad did it?! hahahhaha. till my next post insyallah.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Pack up.

Pack up.
my new obsession is polyvore! A girl can dream :)

Limi Feu long dress

Chanel handbag

Isharya moonstone ring
$98 - pret-a-beaute.com

Yves saint laurent
$1,055 - harrods.com

Flower hair accessory
$13 - maurices.com

Ray Ban ray ban
$220 - kolibrishop.com

Max factor makeup
$22 - nelly.com

Monday, October 8, 2012

Phuket Day Three.

Day three was the highlight as were going to visit the islands around Phuket. I was a bit nervous as to how Ayra would react once on the boat. Would she get scared? or worse sea sick? But I was being silly and paranoid of course because once she got on that boat she was a little sailor. She was telling me what she saw and kept singing ! I was sure the other passengers were going to be super annoyed, but because she was the only kid on the boat they were extra nice and we were given special treatment! We got in and out of the boat first and we got to sit where there was the nicest view! Ok folks on to the pictures :)

Ayra and Daddy at the jetty so freaking early in the morning before leaving. We were assigned boats according to colour and were given a safety briefing by a she-man. Couldn't snap a picture as Ayra was with me and I was scared that the she-man she would beat me HAHAHA

I bought the tudung and the printed harem pants at the market near the hotel * shopaholicalert * the first time I'am attempting to mix similar coloured prints!
View from the boat. SO beautiful masyallah
and that is HOW BLUE AND CLEAR the seawater was *pengsan*
little feet in the sand :) 

As you can see I was a very happy girl on an island. Now someone give me a truckload of money so I can buy this ISLAND please.
 Ok folks till third-day part two. These series of posts is making the wanderlust bug in me quite restless.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Phuket :Day Two Part Two

I know. This is long overdue. So I'll post pictures and caption them :) 

Karon View Point offers spectacular views of Karon and Kata beaches on the south side of Phuket. We went there after the Zoo trip and as you can see Ayra has changed clothes and is a bit tired :p

Taken with my humble pink canon. SO this picture does not do the view justice 
We stayed to see the sunset. Pretty view of the beaches. Sigh. looking a this makes me want to take a plane and fly out NOW.
Ayra Rayyan is finally happy after some ice cream :) One of my favourite pictures of  her. 
We hung out at Kata Beach for while before heading back to the hotel to get ready for FantaSea.
Arrived at FantaSea to be greeted by this pretty lady. I was busy checking out the costumes. Got to love the traditional thai costumes. FantaSea is a themepark with a huge cultural show situated in Kamala Beach. And yes they have like hundreds of beaches in Phuket :P 
Palace of the Elephants. There were elephant rides and you could TOUCH the elephants I almost cried. I LOVE elephants. The cultural show is inside this building quite a magnificent view at night.
When you pay the entrance fee it includes dinner and I was quite happy to find out that they had a halal section. SO no worries there.
The eating hall was also huge!! So there was no trouble finding a spot to eat. Although if you're late it can be quite a distance to walk to your table from the buffet spread.
Ehem. Excuse the Om Nom Nom expressions!! And the large amounts of food. Gotta get your money's worth right?! RIGHT?! hahahaha
I got to touch this beautiful creature. The highlight of the trip for me :) 
Ended the night with a banana and nutella crepe. Hot and crispy and oh so  SEDAP 
Next Phuket entry will be about our visit to the beautiful islands :)