Friday, March 13, 2009

Baby's Day Out with Socks!

Ayra, all dressed up for her trip to see Mr Doctor
Hello World!

Ayra was due for her first trip to the pediatrician last weekend - And I got excited as well as this meant another outing for me YAY! She was also due for her first vaccine. At first I was a bit apprehensive that she was going to really cry her lungs out- in the end she only let out a little disapproving squeak, and promptly fell asleep.

The doc said that maybe because of her experience in the neonatal unit she sort of got used to being poked. Oh well. Alhamdullilah everything went well. Still I'm very proud of her for being very brave! GOOD GIRL.

Being confined is not fun, especially for yours truly - and I'm missing the outside world a bit, its funny when I was working and was outside most of the time I just longed to spend time at home and chill now stepping out of the door is like a major achievement! Especially with the budak cemetot in tow!

And no more cute handbags for me! I'm glad that the big slouchy handbags are in now as I can manage to stuff most of Ayra's things in the bag which includes pampers, a change of clothes, lotions and potions a relief bottle, extra breast pads, a changing mat and a change of clothes for me too just in case of poopies and too much milk accidents! - The H also carries a bag with all these things and we have a double version of everything just in case.

PHEW. parenting is not for the faint hearted! ( and no I'm not being perasan here just reflecting) . Love your parents people!

Actually I have been outside of the house a number of times during 'confinement' but mostly the trips are to see 'Mak Jah' the eccentric bidan , who calls everyone ' sayang' and 'manja' and other terms of endearment. I'am glad Mama booked her, I feel so loved everytime we have our sessions!

In traditional Malay culture, after you give birth the mother and baby are confined in the home and are not allowed of the house for 45 to 60 days some even go as far as 100 days - mostly for health and superstitious reasons. The Mother and the newborn are then cared for by a bidan ( a midwife or confinement lady). The term confinement is derived from the word ' confine' which basically means " something that encloses and restrains".

And believe me the list of restrictions are endless! Everyday my meals consist of plain rice, haruan or tenggiri fish and plain water at room temperature. Portions are kept small and compact. Besides that I also swallow a myriad of 'jamu' ( traditional medicine of malay and javanese origin supposedly to help put everything back in its place) and drink a cocktail of 7 herbs mixed with honey. My tummy gets tucked into place with a 'bengkung' a piece of white cloth binded tightly with tumeric, salt and asam jawa.

the 15 types of leaves that have to be dried and boiled for my bathwater

And then there is this secret obsession with socks. Visitors who come to visit Ayra and me would gape in horror at my bare feet( I know I have'nt had a pedicure in ages, but I try my best to keep them tootsies clean and you can't stare at people's feet! its rude!) Its just sometimes there's too many rules to remember and I feel weird walking around the house in socks and my feet tend to get a bit funky after being in socks all day!

So, my point is occasional outings are good. If only to serve the purpose of balancing my already loony and mad state of mind due to lack of sleep. But don't worry the lil one is very very loved!

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