Monday, August 1, 2011

Four Years with Muhammad Afiq Hanif.

I forget sometimes that we have been married for four years. Time flies when you're having fun they say (or are in the midst of torturing someone)  :p

They tell me I'm spoiled rotten by you. They tell me I'm so lucky to have you. And yet  I insist on being a tad annoying and weirdly random and crazy when I'm around you.

And then I just tell them : Of course tengoklah siapa yang pilihhhhh :p

From this silly post I bet you can tell that I love you of course and I hope that Allah permits for us to spend many more Ramadhan's together insyallah. 

Ini gambar orang mengamuk dan tidak puas hati setelah dibawa memanjat bukit bukau bagai pada hari lahir. Pada waktu kejadian mangsa memakai sepatu yang baru dibeli terima kasih :P
Four years is only the beginning no ? ;-0  

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