Friday, February 19, 2010

Intan Payung

miss ayra at one

My baby girl turned one last Friday (12/02/2010)
. Time just flew by. And am still obsessed with the nomad botak yg kecik. Yes she is still a nomad. Not so botak but with a rockin mohawk.

She can call me ‘mama’ and the H ‘ dadday’ and I cannot believe that one year ago Dr Norleen placed her near my face for me to kiss.
*tears* * tears* tears *
* heart melts *

She has changed and grown so much, she poses for the camera and laughs and babbles to us all the time.

I still get a thrill waking up next to her every morning and just watching her sleep. I think the H and I are much better people because of having her in our lives (although our parents might disagree! heh. but nevermind.)

Miss Ayra Rayyan ( this one is for you )

You're cute as button everyone knows, from your little round head to your chubby little toes. You're cute as a button even when your bad, and when your angry, tired or sad. You're cute as a button every single day, everything you do and everything you say.


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